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Estimating yardage for your custom slipcovers

Our prices do include our fabric selection A so we deduct 20% off the cost if you would like to supply your own fabric. Please email us a picture of your project we'll let you know how much yardage we'll need and labor cost. If the fabric you are using has any pattern repeat please include it also.

If possible please email or send the following images to: Front, back, and side views with and without cushions on.
or Before N After Slipcovers, 134 Spaulding Ave or P O Box 487, Brownsville, OR 97327 or phone 541-207-8702

Below you will find information on required yardage for custom fitted, and casual fitted slipcovers. NS stands for No Skirt, TS for Tailored Skirt, BS for Box pleated skirt and RS for Ruffled. Solid fabrics can be railroaded. If you’re not familiar with the term it means the lengthwise grain is running horizontally across the cover. Some prints can be railroaded, depending on the design. Most all prints should be used vertically though. These are estimates. Yardage includes fabric for making welting.

NS=No skirt, TS=Tailored skirt, BS=Box pleated skirt, RS=Ruffled Skirt.

Skirting options:






Sofa 86" to 106" with 6 cushions23252727
Sofa 86" to 106" with 3 cushions 19 21 23 23
Sofa 61" to 85" with 6 cushions20222424
Sofa 61" to 85" with 4 cushions 17 19 21 21
Sofa 61" to 85" with 3 cushions 16 18 20 20
Sofa 61" to 85" with 2 cushions 14 16 19 19
Love Seat 48" to 60" with 3 - 4 cushions 12 14 16 16
Love Seat 48" to 60" with 1 - 2 cushions 11 13 15 15
Large wingback chair 8 10 12 12
Small wing back chair 5 7 9 9
Club chair with 1 removable cushions 8 10 12 12
Club chair with 2 removable cushions 10 12 14 14
Dining Parson Chair 3 4 5 5
Ottoman up to 24" x 24" 2 3 4 4
Large ottoman over 24" x 24 3 4 5 5
Chaise Lounge 7 8 10 10
Chaise Lounge with seat cushion 9 11 13 13
Chaise Lounge W/seat & back cushion 12 14 16 16

Above yardage is for 54" fabrics with up to 10" repeat. For repeats over 10", add 1 vertical repeat per yard (up to 6 repeats total). Yardage includes welt (fabric covered cord) for arm fronts and cushions.

Please keep centering in mind when figuring fabric. Horizontal repeats wider than 18", please contact us. Fabric will be railroaded (run the length of the fabric) whenever possible unless otherwise specified.

If you plan to wash the slipcover, allow for possible shrinkage when measuring and pre-wash the fabric before sending it. There are many pre-shrunk or pre-washed fabrics available that make wonderful slipcovers. Railroaded fabric patterns are laid out across the width of your sofa or chair. Vertically run fabric patterns are laid out top to bottom.

Estimating Yardage for Custom Slipcovers

Making a slipcover for a piece of furniture takes more yardage than upholstery. If you should use an upholstery chart for estimating yardage, you will most likely be short of yardage. Realize that a slipcover is supposed to slip over the piece of furniture, hanging snugly, but the fabric is not stretched or pulled tautly as in upholstery. It is how the slipcover is cut, and sewn together working with the grain of the fabric, and gravity, that will give the custom slipcover and upholstered look.

Use a cloth measuring tape for actual measurements of piece of furniture to be slipcovered. A cloth tape will give a more exact measurement in determining yardage needed to make a custom slipcover. Add 3” per measurement for matching fabrics and seam allowances, and 5” for each tuck-in.

1. Outside back: top to floor______________ Side to side____________

2. Inside back: top to deck___________ (add for tuck-in)

3. Deck: back to front______________ (add for tuck-in) Side to side widest part_____________ (add for tuck-in) Deck to floor ______________

4. Arms back to front_________(Width of arm) From deck up and over arm to floor_________ (add for tuck-in at deck) Top down to floor________________

5.Back cushion: side to side_________ Top to bottom_______________ Cushion thickness ____________

6.Seat cushion side to side______________ (largest part) Back to front____________ Cushion thickness________________

7.Type of skirt will determine amount of yardage needed. Self-lined skirts are best, for this chair, allow another length for the skirt on all 4 sides.

8. Self welt cord: allow 1/2 yard for cording which will make 10-15 yards of 5/32 welt cord.

9. Add all the Measurements together, including extra for pattern repeats, matching, and welt cord. An average chair (as in the sketches) usually takes 8-10 yards of fabric (with no special pattern matching).

Before N After Slipcovers, 134 Spaulding Ave or P O Box 487, Brownsville, Oregon 97327, Phone: 541-207-8702